Courage Community Foster care is the newest child placement agency to enter the arena of foster care service provision in Colorado. We intend to be a leader in realizing positive outcomes for foster children, foster families and biological families. It is not enough to merely exchange ideas about how foster care could be better: we must instead create positive change.

Courage Community Foster Care aims to begin a revolution in foster care with the simple idea that we are all human beings who require the same ingredients in order to reach our potential: the presence of healthy, enduring relationships; a sense of self-worth; and the compassion, love and kindness of others. These things do not require large doses of money or a big staff to achieve. Rather, it requires commitment to a new paradigm of service provision. Courage Community Foster Care is a child placement agency that has an unparalleled passion to reduce the needless suffering of children and families; we will work tirelessly to make a broken system whole; at least in our corner of the world.

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