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Courage Community Foster Care was started on the belief that by building a small and supportive community, we would have better outcomes for foster children. Since our inception in 2012, we have done just that. Courage has a reputation of keeping our foster children in one home until permanency can be achieved. We share a credo that the foster family and agency must work hard as a team to prevent unnecessary foster care moves for our children.

It is not enough to merely exchange ideas about how foster care could be better: we must instead create positive change.

Courage Community Foster Care aims to begin a revolution in foster care with the simple idea that we are all human beings who require the same ingredients in order to reach our potential: the presence of healthy, enduring relationships; a sense of self-worth; and the compassion, love and kindness of others. These things do not require large doses of money or a big staff to achieve. Rather, it requires commitment to a new paradigm of service provision. Courage Community Foster Care is a child placement agency that has an unparalleled passion to reduce the needless suffering of children and families; we will work tirelessly to make a broken system whole; at least in our corner of the world.

About Courage Community Foster Care

Courage Community has been making life-changing connections between families and children since 2012.

Our Team

We are dedicated to walking next to our families as they carry out the most challenging and rewarding role ever: fostering.

Kerri Hankin

Kerri Hankin, MSW

Founder and Executive Director

Kerri Hankin has been working in the field of child welfare for over 25 years. Kerri obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at California State University, Chico, and Master’s in Social Work degree at the University of Denver. Her early career includes work positions as a Department of Human Services caseworker, Abuse Prevention Specialist, Family Homeless Shelter Manager, and Community Organizer. Her true passion since 2000 has been foster care, where she continues to place all of her time and energy. When not working, Kerri loves international travel, hiking in forests, and playing with her grand babies. Kerri has been married to her husband for 25 years and they have three children, two who are adults.

Kerri Hankin, top of the mountain
Megan Finesilver

Megan Finesilver, M.S.Ed

Program Director.

Megan brings her knowledge of child development to Courage with a background in education and social work. She holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and a Post Baccalaureate degree in Special Education from Drexel University as well as an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Health from York College of Pennsylvania. Megan’s early career involves working as a foster care caseworker in Philadelphia, Pa and running after school sports clubs and tutoring. As a teacher, she enjoyed teaching 2nd grade and elementary students with special needs. Her favorite thing about working with children is constantly gaining different perspectives and being told kid jokes. Before becoming employed by Courage, Megan and her husband were Courage foster parents and adopted a spunky daughter who continually makes life an adventure. Over the years, Megan has volunteered and become involved in several causes including Big Brother/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, The Colorado Foster Hub, and her founding project; a donation based free closet for children called The Closet Cooperative. When not working, Megan loves spending time with her family, playing soccer, and hiking.


Dr. Gabor Mate
Empowered To Connect
Post Institute
Child Trauma Academy

Colorado has many foster children needing placement, and too few foster homes to care for them

On any given business day, we receive referrals from five to twenty children needing to be placed in a foster home. Children of every age, ethnicity and circumstance are referred, from newborn to 20 years old. Most of our children are referred along with their siblings. All of the children referred for foster care are removed from their family's care for reasons of abuse and/or neglect.