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Since we were very young both my husband and myself wanted to be foster parents. Once we got married he joined the military and that brought us to Colorado. Once we got here we started doing our research on foster care in the state and decided we’d start meeting child placement agencies. After meeting with more than a half a dozen different agencies we both kind of just said, “well none of these seem fitting, we don’t get that wholehearted vibe we are searching for, so I suppose we’ll hold off until the time is right!”
Little did we know God had Kerri waiting for us right around the corner. From the moment we met her we knew that we were ready to get licensed and embark on our journey as foster parents with her at our side!
And here we are one year later, what a whirlwind of love it has been!
Being a foster parent with Kerri on board has been incredible, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Everybody has different ideas of how they want to parent, but I’ll say, no matter what joyous or scary thing we are going through – knowing Kerri is a phone call away has helped us to be the best parents possible to these beautiful little humans! My husband and I always joke “If we could clone Kerri that would make it complete!”
Finding people that want to change foster care, well that is just rare. She isn’t just someone that says this, she is a go-getter!

Courage Foster Community has been one of the biggest blessings to our family.