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We were fairly naïve about fostering when we went to our first Foster Parenting Information Session a few years ago. But once we learned more about it, we felt like we had a lot to offer (including love, care, and security), and have since become passionate about helping kids and families in foster care. We understand that people go through hard times (we’ve had some of our own), and we’re glad we can help provide some of the missing support for families who need it and don’t have it. It’s often a joy and always a privilege to love and care for the kids who have stayed with us. This life of fostering can be a struggle at times, but there’s so much that makes it worthwhile, including seeing growth in the children, families, as well as in ourselves, and the smiling faces.

We really appreciate the support and extensive experience shared with us from Kerri and Megan at Courage Community Foster Care since we recently joined their team. We get our questions answered and concerns addressed. It’s obvious Kerri and Megan love what they do, love the kids and families, and also really care for and appreciate us as foster parents. One thing in particular we appreciate is that they provide resources for self-care for us as foster parents, as well as resources for the kids.