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My husband and I are just now becoming certified with Courage Community Foster Care, but already we’ve been amazed at what a difference it’s made to work with Kerri Hankin. We had worked with a different agency last year in the hopes of an adoption, but encountered countless obstacles with the agency’s lack of integrity, honesty, and sense of justice that ultimately ended in our heartbreak. We had such a horrible experience with the bad caseworkers last year that even trying again this year felt like a big risk to us. But Kerri has given us a completely different experience – she’s truthful, trustworthy, she backs her families up, she’s supportive and encouraging, and she always has our best interests in mind. Not only do we trust Kerri’s great competence, but we also find it a joy to work with her – she’s all heart!

We can’t express how glad we are to be working with Kerri!