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Making your home ready for a new family member should be a priority if you are in the process of adopting a child or are waiting for your adopted child to arrive.

Everyone who becomes a parent for the first time faces challenges, but giving an older child or adolescent adoptee a place that truly seems like their own will help you start to gain their trust and lay the groundwork for your relationship. You should consider making house improvements to better acclimate an adopted child to a new environment and plan for their growth over the following years.

Remove Safety Hazards

Fostering Permanency: A visual representation of Courage Community Foster Care's efforts to achieve permanency for foster children.

To ensure you meet all requirements for a stable lifestyle and safe home, social workers from adoption agencies will need to undertake a home study during the adoption process. If you haven’t already passed this stage, making sure your home has undergone a thorough inspection and is safe is a fantastic way to do so.

Considering that this procedure usually takes between three and six months to accomplish, it is wise to get your house in tip-top shape now. Research the laws in your state first, and then request a checklist from your particular adoption specialist outlining their specific program.

Start by checking the functionality of your safety devices, such as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure there is a fire evacuation strategy in place and that fire extinguishers are available in the event of an emergency. It is crucial to keep guns safely stored and out of reach if you have them in your home.

Between 2015 and 2020, 2,070 accidental shootings were started by kids and teenagers who obtained firearms, resulting in 765 fatalities and 1,366 nonfatal injuries from firearms, according to Healthy Children. Any social worker entering your home will not take these problems lightly because they want to place these kids and teenagers in the most secure and safe environment possible.

Consider utilizing your home’s equity and a line of credit to spare up some cash if you need to make significant home improvements to make your home safer or roomier for your growing family. You should never be anxious about your living environment, and providing a suitable home for your new child should be a top priority before you begin the adoption process.

Cleaning And Organization

Strength in Foster Families: Illustrating the strength foster families find in their network created by Courage Community Foster Care.

Maintaining a tidy home will help your adoptee feel at home when they come to live with you, as well as impress the home study team. A wonderful place to start is by giving your whole property, including cars, a complete cleaning. Exterior appeal and beautiful landscaping may make a fantastic first impression, but the first step is to organize your backyard to ensure that gardening and lawn equipment are neatly kept away.

Make it a habit to return everything to its proper place and maintain a regular cleaning plan inside the home. Due to their rapid growth and potential appetites, older children and teenagers should have access to some cupboard space for snacks and quick meals. If you’re about to start juggling work with your children’s schedules and after-school activities, you might want to start meal planning.

A clean kitchen and common area are excellent methods to promote the habits of cleanliness and organization in your adopted child! If you’re in charge of putting together your new child’s or teen’s room, be sure to put a few bins and storage in the closet area to keep things neat, as well as a desk to keep school things or creative endeavors organized.

Let Them Have A Space Of Their Own

Safe Haven for Foster Children: Emphasizing Courage Community Foster Care's role in providing a safe haven for children in Cascade, Colorado.

Start buying some basic furnishings, games, and decor to create an inviting and cozy environment.

You can start making more purchases and customizing your new child or teen’s room once you get to know them. Be sure you don’t go too far before determining their true interests.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to spend all your money decorating a room with sports memorabilia just to discover that your new child is a talented artist! If you have other children, biological or adoptive, make your newly adopted child feel just as important when you welcome them into your home.

Whether your adopted child shares a bedroom with another child or has their own, making sure they have a space to call their own is critical to their comfort.

To develop and become independent, every child needs their own time and space to have fun with others, explore, learn, and so forth. By creating a secure environment, you can ensure that people feel free to express themselves emotionally in a healthy way, whether they use it as a place to vent their rage or to enthusiastically pursue their passions.

One of the best ways to foster trust between parents and children is to make sure they have their own privacy and the opportunity to be independent. Given that the child may still be dealing with past trauma or barriers that are up, this is crucial information as you move forward.

It’s important to build trust with older children who are up for adoption and assist them as they navigate these difficulties because many older children who are up for adoption experience grief, loss, or trauma from their past. You’ll be well on your way to passing a home study and creating the ideal space for your new child if you keep these preparations in mind.

Create An Inclusive Environment

Transformative Foster Care: Depicting the transformation that can occur in the lives of foster children under the care of Courage Community Foster Care.

In addition to preparing the physical features of your home, you want to ensure that your adopted child is greeted with kindness and acceptance. You’ll be caring for a child who has a distinct background, culture, and set of experiences.

Before your new child arrives, it would be wise to have this conversation with any other kids you have in your home. Make sure you and your spouse discuss how you’ll raise your new child, as well as the steps you’ll take to retain their identity and keep them connected to their culture.

This is crucial if your new child’s race or ethnicity is different from yours. Your relationship will start on the right foot and you will truly build a happy home for your new child if you create an atmosphere that encourages acceptance, open-mindedness, honesty, and communication.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you the information you need to prepare your home for an adopted child. With the right planning and a lot of love, your new child will have the best chance of growing up in a happy and healthy environment.

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