According to studies, approximately 15,000 single women and 2,000 single men have chosen to adopt children. The adoption process for a single parent can be complex without the guidance of an adoption agency.

If you’re in Colorado and need assistance with the legal aspects and step-by-step process of single parent adoption, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Courage Community Foster Care, we will share a blog post discussing the benefits of single parent adoption. Keep reading to learn more.

When we think of adoption, the image often conjured is that of a happy family with two parents looking to expand or start their family. However, for single men and women who want to bring a child into their home, this is now a possibility.

Many children live in single-parent families, and nowadays, adoption agencies are also considering unmarried men and women as potential adopters. Single parents have the opportunity to grow their families and provide love and care for adopted children.

Here are the benefits of single-parent adoption.

Freedom in Single Parenthood

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While being a single parent might seem daunting to some, it comes with the benefit of making decisions independently. Without the need to compromise with a partner’s demands, beliefs, or needs, you’ll have the sole authority.

Consider this scenario: when parents have differing opinions on what’s best for their child, it can lead to arguments and potential compromises. This can also be confusing for the child when faced with conflicting demands and rules from both parents. As a single parent, such conflicts are less likely, as you’ll prioritize what’s optimal for your child.

This absence of discord can foster a sense of emotional security for the child. You’ll be solely responsible for all decisions concerning the child’s needs, including choices like which school they attend.

Fostering Independence and Responsibility in Children

Single parents shoulder numerous responsibilities. Beyond earning a livelihood to provide for their children’s needs, they manage household chores and meal preparation.

Adopted children of single parents learn the value of independence and responsibility by observing their single parent’s actions. Even at a tender age, they begin to contribute to their family and household tasks.

This collaboration and involvement in family matters contribute to their personal growth and sense of responsibility. For instance, an adopted teenager might assist their single parent in household chores, carrying groceries, dishwashing, or disposing of trash.

Simplified Financial Management

Single parents face the necessity of securing a job to meet their child’s needs, requiring them to develop effective income and expense tracking skills. While nurturing a child is fulfilling, it can also be financially demanding. According to a 2017 report by the US Department of Agriculture, raising a child from birth until age 17 can cost approximately $233,610.

This comprehensive figure includes essential expenses such as food, housing, healthcare, transportation, education, clothing, entertainment, and personal care. Unlike dual-income households, single parents rely solely on their earnings, granting them complete control over their financial decisions.

They are not obligated to share expenses with a partner, which grants them a clear understanding of their financial outlays. This financial autonomy allows single parents to prioritize their children’s needs and impart essential money management skills from a young age.

Things to Consider During Single-Parent Adoption

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Effective Time Management

The daily life of a single parent presents unique challenges that demand efficient time management.

Balancing responsibilities requires careful scheduling, including early wake-ups to prepare meals, fulfilling work commitments, tending to your child’s needs, spending quality time together, and attending to your personal well-being.

In some cases, enlisting the help of family members or friends for errands or babysitting might become necessary. If you hold a demanding job, a reliable support system can prove invaluable.

Financial Planning

When a single parent adopts a child, meticulous financial planning becomes crucial. Managing finances takes on a new dimension, involving not only your own expenses but also those of your child.

Creating a budget that accommodates both is essential, along with being prepared for any unforeseen challenges or emergencies. Establishing a robust financial plan ensures that you can adequately provide for your child’s needs.

Navigating Relationships

Single parents who adopt must recognize that prioritizing their child’s needs becomes paramount. This may involve temporarily setting aside dating pursuits.

This focused approach benefits both you and your child, allowing for an adjustment period in the new family dynamic without distractions or potential complications. This concentrated time investment facilitates bonding and getting to know your child on a deeper level.

What are the Requirements for Single-Parent Adoption?

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  1. Age – In Colorado, the adoptive parent must be 21 years or older. He or she must be mentally and physically able to care for the child. A minor can be allowed to adopt a younger sibling if he or she is allowed by the court.
  2. Sexual orientation – A single LGBT person can adopt in Colorado.
  3. Criminal history – In Colorado, an individual will not be allowed to adopt if he or she is convicted of a felony in child abuse, child neglect, or child pornography. He or she must pass child abuse and criminal background checks.
  4. State residency – The state of Colorado requires an individual to be a resident of Colorado for 6 months and above before they are allowed to adopt a child.  

How Do Single Parents Adopt?

  1. Foster care – Foster care adoption is popular among single parents. According to studies about adoption, 30% of adopted children from foster care were adopted by single parents. 
  2. Domestic infant adoption – Prospective birth parents are sometimes interested in an adoption opportunity with single parents. 
  3. International adoption – Single parents can consider international adoption. However, it is not allowed in some countries. You must check the country’s laws if they allow single parent adoption.

If you are based in Colorado, you must be compliant with the laws of your state. You can rely on Courage Community Foster Care a reliable adoption agency to help you with the process. 

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