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Foster Parent Journey

This is Megan’s story, I started this journey to be a foster mom because I have always had a heart to help children. I went to school to be an early childhood teacher, but one day thought these kids weren’t the kids God put on my heart to help. I found Courage Community Foster Care and that’s how this journey began. I got officially licensed May of 2015 for 1 child as I was still working full time, and a single woman that rents a house with my mom. I got the call for a 3 yr old boy being kicked out of his foster home, and I told Kerri “yes this boy will be just fine, you watch”, she hesitated and even said “Megan your first child can’t be hard, it will never work. You can get investigations if something happens, ARE YOU SURE”? I was set, this little boy needed to know what Megan’s love was all about, so Kerri allowed him to come. I can’t say he was the easiest BUT he wasn’t the kid the paper made him out to be. He was amazingly sweet, I thought this 1 boy and I would be just fine. Well then Kerri got another referral for another little boy that was 18 months, so I took him and within 2 months my license went from 1 to 3 and I could have 2 under 2. Over the years I have had ups and downs but never once thought that having a child removed was the best option, I couldn’t imagine what that child would think of me. I have helped over 24 kids plus done respite for a few kids. I can’t say fostering is a walk in the park but watching those parents work their plan and fight for their babies and beating addiction is amazing. Out of all those kids, I am still a part of a lot of the families lives still, I still get to watch my first baby girl grow up and become a preschooler now. I adopted 2 of those kids and the plan is to keep growing my number of foster kids I have helped reunify as the years go on.