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Our journey began in March of 2018, I stumbled upon Courage in my search for the perfect agency. I reached out to Kerri and my heart instantly felt connected to her when we spoke on the phone.

My husband and I had attempted to build a family the traditional way for years unsuccessfully, deciding to foster was an easy decision for us because we wanted a family. I wanted to be a mother and my husband wanted to be a father, we knew it may not always be permanent and that we would have to say goodbye to children that we love, but the joy of parenthood outweighed any fear. It took us 4 months to be fully certified and we accepted our very first placement on July 21, 2018. Two beautiful children joined our family. We became a family of four overnight, it was a mixed bag of emotions. We had a three year old boy and four month old girl. We decided to approach fostering the only way we knew how to do anything; filled with love. We let our hearts lead the way.

In March of 2019 we took a third placement of a newborn, she was the sibling to our other two children and in April of 2019 we said goodbye to the now 13 month old little girl that was placed with us in July. It was the hardest and most profound thing we have ever done. We were able to watch her build a relationship with her biological father; being part of her journey was so incredibly special. A few weeks after saying goodbye we realized we had a large hole in our hearts, we missed being a family of five and wanted to open our home and hearts to more children. At the end of April we accepted placement of a 15 year old girl and a one year old boy, at the end of June we accepted placement of two more children, the siblings of the 15 year old and one year old. We had 6 kids, 15,14,10,4,1 and 6 months, we were a family of 8 in less than a year! We wake up everyday with the kids being our first thought and go to bed every night with them being our last thought. Our home is filled with ample amounts of love and happiness.

Not every day is perfect, some days are complete disasters but when we go to bed at night we know each child is safe and loved. We will soon be heading to adoption with the placement that came to us in July of 2018 and we can’t wait to share this journey through life with them permanently. This journey has been intense, it has evoked so many emotions and we never realized just how much strength, selflessness and gratification would come out of this journey! Fostering children takes courage and open hearts.