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What Does A Foster Child Want From His/Her Foster Parents?

Being a foster parent can be very challenging in a lot of ways. As a foster parent, you will be required to do several things that you haven’t done yet. Keep in mind that you are bringing home a child whom you don’t know. You don’t have any ideas about what they like to do, what they want to eat, or what they went through. Additionally, you must assist with the visitation. Usually, these periodic visits can be traumatic for these children since they are still struggling to adjust to their new lives.

You must collaborate with the court officials and caseworkers, to keep the case moving. This process won’t be easy. However, you have to remember that your foster child is relying on you to help them in going through this difficult time. If you are planning to foster a child, then here are some important things that they will expect from you.


This is one of the essential things that the child needs from their foster parents. These kids were once loved, however, the people who use to love them are no longer around. Saying “I Love You” to them might be important, but this is not enough. Perhaps they have already heard that before, but this time it is different because they are with people that they‘re not yet comfortable with.

You need to understand that this will take some time. The first thing that you have to do is to build trust. Be prepared since most likely they will test you. They want to make sure that what you’ve shown them is authentic. You should prove to them that the love that you’ve given them is not fake and that this love will not fade and cause them some pain once again.



These kids must feel that they are safe in their new home. Keep in mind that these children might have experienced difficult situations in the past. Hence, they want to make sure that you can guarantee them safety.

Some of these children are taken away from their families. That is why they are having a difficult time trusting other people. Some people have already let them down, so why should they trust you? Let them know that they are in a safe environment with you.

For instance, some of these children are afraid when someone knocks on the door. Maybe they have previously experienced that people who suddenly appear at the door are not good. Perhaps when the caseworker will pay them a visit, they will worry that they will be taken away.


You have to know that these foster kids come from various difficult situations. Hence, it is very important that you must be prepared for this. As much as possible, try to step out of your comfort zone. There might be times that you need to deal with their unusual behaviors. This is something new to you, hence it requires your understanding. They want to feel that you can be there for them.

For instance, if they are afraid of the dark, then you can just sleep next to them and hold or hug them until they are asleep.


This is another important element that your foster child requires. Some foster parents do not have any idea what they are getting themselves into. These foster kids have lost the only family that they have known. They have lost their mother and father, as well as any other family members that they’ve known in their young lives.


These kids don’t have a mom and dad right now, but the good thing is they have you. That is why you need to be persistent. You must act as if you are their strongest supporter. For instance, when you go to the doctor, and they can’t find their medical records, you have to persist and make sure that everything will be fine.

We hope that this article has helped you in one way or another. Aside from this, there are other important things that you need to provide to your foster children. You must prepare yourself since being a foster parent is not going to be easy. What will happen if you fail to answer that call? Where would these kids go?

At Courage Community Foster Care, you can find lots of kids who are looking for foster parents who can adopt them. These foster kids are looking for foster families that can love them and make them feel safe.

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