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If you are planning to adopt twins or multiple children from an adoption agency because you want a big family but you do not know what to do and how to start the process, you came to the right place. Any prospective parent who decides to adopt twins or multiple children must know that certain things must be considered before going forward with this path.

If you are adopting twins or multiple children you can be presented with the information only months or weeks ahead before the children will be placed in your care. You should be prepared to take care of not only one but multiple adoptive children. 

Before you decide on the matter, you must meet and speak with your adoption agency so you will know about the realities of adopting twins or multiple children. Whichever adoption path you will choose, here are the important tips to know when adopting twins, multiple children, or a sibling group. 

You have to pay extra fees 

When presented with twins or a sibling group for adoption, keep in mind that you may have to pay more money. You will be expected to pay for the care of the children as well as the legal fees necessary for the adoption process to occur. The exact amount for you to pay will be informed to you by the adoption professional in charge of your adoption case. 

When considering adopting twins or a sibling group, you must discuss the fees with your adoption agency. This way, you will know the exact fees that you will be paying so you can consider if this adoption path is financially possible for you and your family.

Adopting through foster care means higher chances of adopting twins or a sibling group 

According to data, around two-thirds of children in foster care have a sibling, and they can be placed in the same home or not. Siblings in foster care usually include full and half-biological siblings or step-siblings. Twins or sibling groups in the same foster home are usually adopted together when they are legally free to be adopted especially when their parent’s rights have already been terminated by the court. 

Sibling groups and twins have a tight bond and the court of law will try to avoid separating them because it can add to their trauma and could be emotionally devastating for the children.

A lot of adoption agencies believe that maintaining sibling relationships will promote the children’s best interest and there are state laws that uphold them in the adoption process. A federal law known as the Foster Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act is focused on maintaining sibling connections for them to receive federal funding. 

Parents who prefer to adopt their children via the foster care system can decide how many children they are willing to adopt and they will be informed about the deep emotional ties and connection between twins or sibling groups in foster care. Siblings must be adopted from foster care as a package deal, they should not be separated. 

Twins in adoption agencies are rare 

Adoption Success Stories: Stories of successful adoptions facilitated by Courage Community Foster Care in Cascade, Colorado.

Usually, around 2 percent of natural conception happens to be twins, so you can imagine how rare a woman or a family places their twins for adoption. You must understand that they won’t be common in adoption agencies. If you prefer to continue with the adoption, the adoption professional will likely ask you if you will be comfortable with adopting twins or a sibling group. 

You must decide if you are comfortable adopting a sibling group before you start finding adoption opportunities

Whichever path you will choose, the adoption agency will work with you so you can prepare a list of preferences for possible adoption opportunities. For example, are you willing to adopt multiple children such as twins or sibling groups?

You must answer these types of questions before you start the adoption process with the agency. This will allow you to know specific opportunities before you move forward with the application. If you are open to adopting multiple children and change your mind later on, it can cause problems and delays in your adoption process. So you must decide if the adoption of multiples is the right path for your family to prevent any issues during the adoption process. 

Adopting twins or a sibling group may need different requirements 

Adoptive parents are required to complete an adoption home study as a part of the adoption process. Legal investigations are done to check if a family is fit to adopt one child. When considering adopting a sibling group or twins, you may have to complete more steps to be allowed to adopt multiple children. The home study provider will help you with the process to ensure that you will be approved for possible adoption opportunities. 

The adoption agency will provide you with the requirements that will be needed if ever you are interested to adopt twins or a sibling group. You can talk and discuss these things before you create a list of adoption opportunity preferences. 

How do you adopt twins or a sibling group?

The adoption process for multiple children is not too different from adopting a single child. However, you can expect the cost to increase as expected. The total cost may not be doubled but you should expect to pay at least twice the fees connected to the filing of paperwork, court proceedings, and other legal matters. 

In any adoption process, the judge will be the one to make the final ruling on whether adoption is granted or not. Usually, when twins or a sibling group are placed for adoption, the court of law will focus on keeping the children together but they make sure that the home and the adoptive parents are fit to adopt multiple children. The judge will consider the needs of each child as an individual and then decide for each individual and not as a group or a pair.

If you are planning to adopt twins from an adoption agency in Colorado, you can contact Courage Community Foster Care to help you with the adoption process. You will need a licensed public adoption and foster agency to help with the legal matters of the adoption process. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the adoption process, please reach out and contact us.

You can give us a call at 719-321-4319 or send an email to You can also reach us through P.O. Box 262 Cascade, CO 80809. Make sure to choose a reliable adoption agency like Courage Community Foster Care. We will help you with the step-by-step adoption process.